11/05/2007: MW on the road! We'll play on 19/05 @ "56th Street"; on 30/05 @ "Sinister Noise". We' re waiting for you!
22/04/2007: We've kept our promise...here are the photos from "Mandragore's Night"!
02/03/2007: We're working on "live" section with photos from "Mandragore's Night" event...stay tuned!

16/02/2007: Finally photo report from our last gig at "Devil's Kiss" has been added. Thanks for your support! See you at "Mandragore's Night" on 23/02/2007...

05/02/2007: After about a year MyWiLL are on stage again...see you at "Devil's Kiss" on 07/02/2007!Here is the flyer .
05/10/2006: Back from holidays, MW are going to enter studio to start working for new stuff. Meanwhile you can find the photos from our last exhibition at Alkatraz.
02/10/2006: MW are also on myspace!click here
06/03/2006: MW will perform live next 17th of March at Alkatraz in Fiumicino. A R.J.Dio coverband called WinterGarden will follow MW exibition. On the road again...
06/03/2006: To access the page with infos on past MW gigs, with pics and setlists, and on future show you can now click on "Band" and then on "Live".
22/02/2006: Other new files in Multimedia section. A clip from the garage, containing parts of the newest song of MW is added. The song is titled F.E.A.R. This is the direct link to the videos page.
08/02/2006: New files in the Multimedia section. The Mp3s of the new songs "Quaestio" and "Sinner" recorded in some past MW's performances, and the video of Icneumonid played in garage. If you can't see it right way, you must download DivX codecs.
07/02/2006: A small set played by MW last Saturday during a surprise party for Simone's degree. By means of electric drums and small amplifiers, MW played a little part of MetallicA's Enter Sandman, followed by the new but yet played Quaestio and Sinner, passing through a small version of Rammstein's Du Hast, to finish with the new and never played F.E.A.R. It was a very cool night, photos and videos will be uploaded soon.
02/02/2006: News from the garage: the initaitive "A cover for friend" has started. Every MW member select a song to play with MW. Some of them we'll play live in next gigs. We have "Nowhere" by Theraphy? (chosen by Michele), "Everlasting Gaze" by Smashing Pumpkins (Simone), "Nepenthe" by Sentenced (Peter) and "Surprise, you're dead!" by Faith no More (Marco). "Noose" by Sentenced (Francesco) will probably be the next.
15/12/2005: Links added to bands and other stuff. In the links page now you can find also two different MyWiLL banners, if you would like to link MyWiLL in your own sites. Also a fun image has been added in the second page of band's photos.
03/09/2005: MyWiLL return after holidays. We're working on a few of new songs, some of them played live yet. The last two are "under construction", so it will get some week to have them ready and to start thinking to the release of "Prepare To Pain" successor. Stay tuned.
03/07/2005: Photos added in the "Band" section. This is the direct link.
26/06/2005: The personal pages of the components of MW are updated with photos from last live concerts. Click HERE to see them.
13/06/2005: New photos in Multimedia Live Section from "The Sickness", the "Qube" and the "MetalMassacre" nights. Click HERE to see them.
06/06/2005: MyWiLL succeeds in doing three gigs in less than a month, passing from "The Sickness" night at Maggiolina to the evening of Rock Radio in thursday at Qube and to that one of the Metal Massacre of Rome in Sunday. Three various setlists(all ours that one of the Qube except the obligatory Raining Blood) but it's always been funny. Now it will be necessary a little pause, but we will return soon! Begun to run away! Photos and videos from the shows will be online soon.
23/5/2005: Two live dates added! MyWiLL will be live at Qube 26/5/2005 (Thursday) and 29/5/2005 (Sunday) at Bombardiere...Thank you to everyone for the show at Sickness...we will upload photos and videos soon!
4/5/2005: MyWiLL live in Rome with "Ebola" at TheSickness(La Maggiolina near P.zza Sempione)...here the flyer!!!

7/4/2005: English site section opened!!!

7/4/2005:MyWiLL live in Rome 28/4/2005 at Qube (Via di Portonaccio)...2 new songs will be played and a audio/video bootleg will be recorded...it wil be downloadable from this site!
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