1: The Nest (Download MP3)
2:Icneumonid (Lyrics /download Full MP3/ sample MP3)
3:Your Masterplan (Lyrics /download full mp3 /sample mp3)
4:Sunya (Lyrics /download full MP3 /sample MP3)
5:Nowhere in the darkness (Lyrics /download full MP3 /sample MP3)
6:Moonlight Shadow (download full MP3/sample MP3)

Recorded at Timestorm-Sound house April/July 2003
recorded,engineered, mixed by Gianluca Maccarone
produced by Gianluca Maccarone & MyWiLL
artwork & logo by Stefano Di Noi

All tracks written by MyWill, except n°6 written by Mike Oldfield
all rights reserved

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mywill group (.) & peppex lab (c) inc all right reserved 2003